101 Best of Tunney Side of Sports Columns


It was my Speakers Roundtable colleagues at our 2005 meeting that provided the impetus for these Tunny Side of Sports articles and blogs. I have been writing a weekly newspaper column ever since.

At first the column was to be called “On the Tunney Side of the Street”, a play on that old standard “On the Sunny Side of the Street”, you know…”grab your coat, get your hat, leave your worries on the doorstep, life can be…” well, you get the picture. That working title morphed into “On the Tunney Side of Sports.” It is the belief here that sports issues – good/bad/right or wrong can prove to be positive examples for everyday living.

The major emphasis of these articles to take sports issues and transform them into positive message to help others lead productive lives. I am confident that you will find a story in here that can make a difference in your personal and/or professional life. Now, it is up t you to make your life more fun, healthier, and more productive. Will you do it?

Roger Goodell praising Jim Tunney

“Although Jim Tunney may have spent his career looking for the worst in men, this book proves he much prefers looking for the best in them.” ~ Rick Reilly, ESPN Columnist and Essayist

” I have know Jim for over 40 years both on and off the field. As an NFL coach, I trusted him as a referee tobe honest and fair. Off the field, I know him as a speaker, as an author, and mostly, as a friend. He “walks his talk.” You’ll enjoy this book. ~ Don Shula, Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach (1997), 347 NFL wins (most in NFL history)

“Being on the field with Jim I respected his ability as a referee, but more than that, I learned to appreciate his character and integrity. You will read in this book how sincere he is in wanting to help others.” ~Steve Young, pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback (2005), played 14 seasons, named Super Bowl XXIX MVP

“When Jim wrote It’s the Will, Not the Skill extolling my background as well as my principles and philosophies of success, I came to appreciate the value of his writings. Not only will you enjoy this book, you will learn frm Jim’s wisdom.” ~ Herm Edwards, ESPN Analyst, former NFL Player and Head Coach

“Jim’s observations on the field  were crystal clear. It stands to reason that his observations of life would be the same. You’ll enjoy this book!” ~ Chris “Boomer” Berman, ESPN Commentator, considered the face of ESPN since 1987


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