Living Every Day for Peak Performance

Wellness Keynote
Jim Tunney – motivational speaker, keynote speaker and former NFL referee, promotes team building, leadership skills and a winning spirit.


To sustain top performance, we must develop and maintain balance in our lives – between work and play, between the fiscal and the physical, between duty to others and duty to ourselves.

In today’s fragmented and pressured pace, achieving wellness – the combined condition of your physical and mental health – is often an early casualty of too many options. It takes a smart, even artful, integration of lifestyle and workstyle to create a balanced life, one that is smoothly conducted with vigor, intelligence, and individuality.

Here are a few suggestions you can do today to age successfully:

    • 30 minutes of sustained, rhythmic, vigorous exercise – 3 times a week
    • Get as much sleep and rest as you need
    • Maintain your sense of humor
    • Deflect anger — stop being offended!
    • Accept new challenges — be alive and creative
    • Don’t depend on anyone else for your well-being
    • Be necessary and responsible
    • Don’t slow down – stick with the mainstream – stay together
    • If you don’t take care of your mind and body, where else are you going to live?

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire membership of the U.S. Tennis Court & Track Builders Association, I am writing to thank you for the terrific keynote speech you presented in December at our Technical Meeting in La Jolla, California. I came away from that talk feeling that it was the finest I have heard in 20 years of attending meetings, and my thoughts were reinforced many times over the ensuing days by others members who felt the same. It combined entertainment, inspiration and motivation in an engaging manner, truly the elements of a good keynote speech. The nugget I came away with was when you were talking about customer expectations and how so many people can meet those expectations. You said it can indeed be a crowded road. But the highway of the ‘extra mile’ is surprisingly uncrowded and that is where the best are separated from the rest. It is quite apparent that you are familiar with the landscape of that highway. — David Marsden, Chairman, U.S. Tennis Court & Track Builders Association, U.S. Tennis Court & Track Builders Association, Inc. Annual Meeting

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