T.E.A.M Building

Together Everyone Accomplishes More

T*E*A*M Building Keynote
Jim Tunney – motivational speaker, keynote speaker and former NFL referee, promotes team building, leadership skills and a winning spirit.


My responsibilities over a 30+ year period as a teacher-coach-high school principal and District Superintendent created a fundamental belief that if a decision affects others in the process, it is wise to involve each of them in the process of the decision.

Further, as a National Football League Referee for over a 30+ year tenure, my approach to making our crew (T.E.A.M.) the best it could be was by building chemistry among the crew. I was also privileged to be on the field to observe the T.E.A.M. building philosophies of legendary NFL Coaches Don Shula, John Madden, Vince Lombardi, George Halas, Chuck Noll, as well as many others.

This first-hand experience taught me:

  1. Build teams by building people. Experience has shown that people respond to positive direction better than negative criticism. You can’t build people up by tearing them down.
  2. “If you play alone, you’ll be alone” Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback Steve Young told me. That’s why T.E.A.M. works!
  3. Life is fast and often hectic in today’s society; we travel in the fast lane. On the highways, we call it “HOV” or “Diamond” lanes. If you drive in those lanes, you have to take someone with you –you can’t do it alone. That works in all areas as well.

Finally, teamwork comes before T.E.A.M. building! Trust is a vital factor in developing teamwork. Trust rolls on a 2-way street, thus:

    • Coming together is a beginning
    • Keeping together is progress
    • Working together is success!


My wife and I were fortunate enough to meet with you after the Dealers Meeting in Monterey, California. We enjoyed speaking with you and proudly display our picture with you at our store. My wife suffers from extreme anxiety, but she put those fears aside and walked right up to you. This simple act may seem meaningless to you, but for her it was a big step.” “Shortly after our return home, I noticed that she was quiet and spent a great deal of time in bed, unable to get up and face the pressures of everyday life. We have two great kids ages 5 and 7 that rely heavily on their mother as young children do. We realized she was cascading into deep depression. The doctors recommended a hospital stay and many tests, separating her from me and her children for 16 days. I would visit and talk with her daily. One of these visits she was very upset and felt as if she was a loser for not being home with her family. That’s when I remembered a piece of wisdom you shared with us during your speech. ‘A winner isn’t someone who never falls down; a winner is one who gets back up!’” “That simple piece of wisdom has meant a great deal to us both. I just had to write you to express my deep gratitude to you. It may not have been your intention to help us in our time of need, but you have made an important impact in our lives. Thank you! — Mark Srager, Esso Company, South Plainfield, NJ

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