Power of the WILL

Improving Employee Enthusiasm and Resourcefulness

The Power of the Will Keynote
Jim Tunney – motivational speaker, keynote speaker and former NFL referee, promotes team building, leadership skills and a winning spirit.


When thinking about how to correct self-defeating patterns, it helps to ask yourself: “What would I think of the choices I have been making if a teenager I loved were making the same ones?”

We don’t allow our children to adopt habits that are damaging to themselves or others. All too often, though, we are more lenient with ourselves than we would be with our children. Perhaps this is because we have the mistaken idea that self-defeat is a victimless crime.

One lesson we learn from football is that the more self-discipline you apply to yourself, the better you will be and the better off those around you (crew mates, teammates, etc.) will be. That interaction works in life as well.

Drawing from my book, “It’s the Will, Not the Skill,” these disciplines are emphasized:

    • Excellence is good, exemplary is better
    • It just shows what perseverance gets you when you believe in each other
    • Don’t panic; whatever you do, don’t panic
    • You can lose your momentum, but never lose your confidence
    • The possibilities always lie ahead of you, not behind you
    • Get clear; get confident
    • When you’re doing the right thing, good things will happen
    • Character is what you do when nobody’s watching
    • Keep hope alive (KHA)
    • Always do the right thing!

Your presentation was one of the real highlights of the Conference. A real homerun! The audience genuinely appreciated the professionalism you brought to the opening session. Unlike most speakers, you went to great lengths to get acquainted with the industry and the people in the industry. These gestures made a significant impression with the SEMA staff and the members of TCAA. It is highly unusual in this industry to hear people talking about a speaker a week or more after the show, you have broken the silence. — Kendall L. Pyle, Director Educational Services, Specialty Equipment Market Assn.


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