Known as “The Dean of NFL Referees”, Dr. Jim Tunney is a humorous motivational speaker who offers a unique perspective sure to fascinate, amuse and inspire your business audience with laugh-out-loud humor blended with bona fide wisdom.

Dr. Tunney earned his doctorate in education from the University of Southern California and served in the CA public school system as a high school principal and district superintendent.

Today as a professional speaker he makes presentations on leadership, achievement, and motivation throughout the country to business and corporations, government agencies, trade associations, and universities. Your audience will leave with tools and tips that they WILL implement.

If you are looking for a keynote speaker who educates, motivates and entertains with a lifetime of stories about leadership, team building and sports, please contact us.

Jim’s current programs contain powerful information on Leadership, Communication, Change,T*E*A*M Building and Success



Leadership is more about responsibility than ability. Honesty, creating a positive climate, and trusting people are the important character traits of a leader. All too often, unfortunately, people with those strengths lack the courage or initiative to “step up.”

Courage is a learned trait either from example (parent, teacher) or from experience. A leader must not be afraid to fail. The measure of a leader is not that he/she might fail, but how that person bounces back!

Initiative is also a learned trait, either by example or role model or an intrinsic willingness to help others.

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People in every workplace talk about building the team, working as a team and my team, but few understand how to create the experience of team work or how to develop an effective team. Experience has shown that people respond to positive direction much more readily than negative criticism.

As a National Football League Referee for over a 30+ year tenure, my approach to making our crew (T.E.A.M.) the best it could be was by building chemistry among the crew. I was also privileged to be on the field to observe the T.E.A.M. building philosophies of legendary NFL Coaches Don Shula, John Madden, Vince Lombardi, George Halas, Chuck Noll, as well as many others.

This presentation shows exactly how teams are created and sustained.

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Customer service isn’t enough anymore. The times have changed. The customers have changed. The minimum goal now is customer care.

Customers demand it.

Companies say they offer it.

It is customer care, which more and more organizations are discovering as a critical element in their overall success, especially with increasing global competition for customers and sales.

Selling in this environment requires more than just knowing your product, and believing in it and your services enough to project yourself with confidence. Selling has become customer-centered, not product-centered. The minimum goal is, clearly, Exceed the Customer’s Expectation Every Time!.

This presentation teaches your group the basic elements to success.

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To sustain top performance, we must develop and maintain balance in our lives – between work and play, between the fiscal and the physical, between duty to others and duty to ourselves.

This passionately delivered keynote message will inspire your group and challenge individuals to reach for a healthier lifestyle.

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Power of the Will

When thinking about how to correct self-defeating patterns, it helps to ask yourself: “What would I think of the choices I have been making if a teenager I loved were making the same ones?”

We don’t allow our children to adopt habits that are damaging to themselves or others. All too often, though, we are more lenient with ourselves than we would be with our children. Perhaps this is because we have the mistaken idea that self-defeat is a victimless crime.

One lesson we learn from football is that the more self-discipline you apply to yourself, the better you will be and the better off those around you (crew mates, teammates, etc.) will be. That interaction works in life as well.

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