Speaker Testimonials

Extremely inspirational and interesting. You made a wonderful contribution to our meeting, and set high expectations for future presenters.
Susan Kushner, Professional Convention Management Assn, So. California Chapter

Outstanding. You gained the total trust of a fairly cynical group and made believers of them. People are still commenting on the impact, months afterwards.
Kip Smith, President, Blair Communications

You were a big hit at our Conference! Your presentation was exactly on target.
Richard P. Garmany, Director, Field Management, AETNA Aliac Pensions

You are better each time I see you. When I heard you in Phoenix, I was really impressed. The second time around I was more impressed. You provide the same great enthusiasm and develop your stories to fit the crowd. ... Everyone leaves your sessions on a real positive high note.
Timothy R. Wallace, Chairman, Railcar & LPG Divisions, Trinity Industries

Thank you for doing such a terrific job for us.... You were incredible! Your dynamic style and depth of knowledge in delivering your customized presentation had the audience spellbound.
Georgia Tyler, Director of Member Services, New Mexico Bankers Assn.

Thanks for an outstanding presentation. Your evaluations reflected a tremendous feedback.The membership thoroughly enjoyed it. You made a lot of friends in Connecticut.
Fred Balsamo, CAAD

Your address was exactly what we wanted to set the tone for our meeting . . . nothing but wonderful comments.
Larry Compton, EVP-Sales, US LIFE Credit Life Insurance

Jim, your presentation and message were on the mark and a great closing to our national sales meeting. You earned our highest rating.
Donald E. Crawford, Libbey, Inc.

Once again, your presentation was exactly on target for our audience and a perfect conclusion for our sessions. The feedback is very, very strong.
Richard P. Garmany, Director, Producer Services, AETNA Retirement Services

Your message was powerful through and through. It was moving and memorable. The DCA Board of Directors extends our collective congratulations and thanks you for an outstanding performance as our Keynoter.
Royce R. Heebner, President, Distribution Contractors Association

'Jim is an exceptional speaker. Jim arrived the day before his speaking engagement and sat in on all the sessions taking place prior to his speech. He learned first-hand about our industry and was able to apply his new knowledge into his speech so he could relate and touch our audience on a deeper level. Jim's speech was heart-felt, relevant and truly made you want to be a better human being and make a difference in the way you work and how you live in this world. Jim received a standing ovation! Congratulations and Thank You for making a difference
Michelle Mendez, Torrance, CA

These are the comments from our critique sheets: 'Fun and entertaining.... Very motivating.... Great content... Very inspiring. I had goose bumps the entire time .... I could listen to (Tunney) all day.... Great way to blend sports and business .... Best speaker of the meeting.' Thank you!
Patricia D. Rollins, Corporate Communications, Pacific Union Co., San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation at our general meeting. I continue to receive positive comments about your speech from many of our members and guests who attended the luncheon. In fact, I think everyone would be extremely pleased to hear you again at this month’s meeting – a real compliment to you.
Carol C. Fox, President Town and Gown of University of CA, Oakland, CA

Jim, I am aware that you are a professional speaker, and all that. And I fully understand that you extended a great courtesy to our group of incoming Rotary club presidents by agreeing to the arrangements to come to our training seminar. Really, I expected a terrific performance. But I didn’t expect all that you gave us. I should have seen it coming when we chatted briefly…I knew you were more than a traveling performer when I noticed the stack of hand written notes at your elbow. You were delightfully pleasant, but it was clear that you -- preparing a talk I presume you’ve done once or twice before – were preparing even more. Then I heard you speak. For us, you knew our beloved Rotary. You know it in detail. And you understand P.E.T.S. visions and goals. And your talk not only reflected that knowledge – your talk enabled some of our hopes and dreams for our P.E.T.S. So, your presentation wasn’t a mere reflection of our P.E.T.S. goals, it became a major part of the substance of our accomplishments. I think that you are more than a professional!
David V. Cresson, Program Director, Rotary P.E.T.S.

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