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Your address was excellent, and well received by everyone. You are one of the reasons our Convention was such a success.
Linda W. Acker, Secretary-Treasurer, NBEA

'Jim is an exceptional speaker. Jim arrived the day before his speaking engagement and sat in on all the sessions taking place prior to his speech. He learned first-hand about our industry and was able to apply his new knowledge into his speech so he could relate and touch our audience on a deeper level. Jim's speech was heart-felt, relevant and truly made you want to be a better human being and make a difference in the way you work and how you live in this world. Jim received a standing ovation! Congratulations and Thank You for making a difference
Michelle Mendez, Torrance, CA

You were delightfully entertaining as well as thought-provoking in helping our managers think about team building attributes. ... Based on the evaluations and comments, we would highly recommend you for any other ISSC or IBM group meetings.
Wilbert Hicks, Manager, Human Resources, Integrated Systems Solutions Corporation

Extremely inspirational and interesting. You made a wonderful contribution to our meeting, and set high expectations for future presenters.
Susan Kushner, Professional Convention Management Assn, So. California Chapter

You followed our requests as to topics and matched your delivery to the mood of the audience. Just great.
Jeff Powell, Program Coordinator, Edward Don Company

We appreciate very much having you as our guest speaker at our NADFD Convention in Monterey. Your presentation was outstanding and everyone said it was the best we had ever had. Thank you again for being with us and for your helpful and informative presentation. We will certainly keep you in mind if any of our other associations need such a speaker
MaryAnn Crews, Executive Director National Association Of Decorative Fabric Distributors, Columbia, South Carolina

Once again, your presentation was exactly on target for our audience and a perfect conclusion for our sessions. The feedback is very, very strong.
Richard P. Garmany, Director, Producer Services, AETNA Retirement Services

We wanted a ‘non-Rotary’" speaker, since we desired that these incoming leaders sense that this job as a Rotary Club President is big, important, not just for Rotary. Your reputation, your background assured us of that. But we got a bonus: You integrated your remarks with such knowledge of Rotary that these Presidents-elect know they are part of a grand movement. Finally, we wanted a speaker who would entertainingly cap a busy day of classroom work. Wow. The 45 minutes seemed like ten. All of us in the room enjoyed the entire presentation and were sorry it ever had to end!
John T. Blount, PDG, District 5130 General Chair, Far West P.E.T.S. Training Seminar, Rotary International

Jim, I am aware that you are a professional speaker, and all that. And I fully understand that you extended a great courtesy to our group of incoming Rotary club presidents by agreeing to the arrangements to come to our training seminar. Really, I expected a terrific performance. But I didn’t expect all that you gave us. I should have seen it coming when we chatted briefly…I knew you were more than a traveling performer when I noticed the stack of hand written notes at your elbow. You were delightfully pleasant, but it was clear that you -- preparing a talk I presume you’ve done once or twice before – were preparing even more. Then I heard you speak. For us, you knew our beloved Rotary. You know it in detail. And you understand P.E.T.S. visions and goals. And your talk not only reflected that knowledge – your talk enabled some of our hopes and dreams for our P.E.T.S. So, your presentation wasn’t a mere reflection of our P.E.T.S. goals, it became a major part of the substance of our accomplishments. I think that you are more than a professional!
David V. Cresson, Program Director, Rotary P.E.T.S.

Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation at our general meeting. I continue to receive positive comments about your speech from many of our members and guests who attended the luncheon. In fact, I think everyone would be extremely pleased to hear you again at this month’s meeting – a real compliment to you.
Carol C. Fox, President Town and Gown of University of CA, Oakland, CA

Thanks for an outstanding presentation. Your evaluations reflected a tremendous feedback.The membership thoroughly enjoyed it. You made a lot of friends in Connecticut.
Fred Balsamo, CAAD

On our 1-4 scale, where 4 is excellent, you were marked 4+ and 6! The comments: ... "Dr. Tunney was excellent." ... "A great speaker" ... "Awesome." ... "Funny and informative." ... "Great!
Marjorie A. Hartter, Program & Communications, Harman Management Corp.

Your address was exactly what we wanted to set the tone for our meeting . . . nothing but wonderful comments.
Larry Compton, EVP-Sales, US LIFE Credit Life Insurance

I fully enjoyed your presentation at our recent convention and appreciate the extra preparation it takes to relate to the audience. Calling my room to let me know that you arrived and leaving your room number was a consideration not practiced by many speakers. Since I was not one of the coordinators to bring you to our group, you obviously took the time to find out my name and make the contact.
Steven A. Etkin, Executive Vice President AWCI, Falls Church, VA

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