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My experience with your organization has been fantastic. The preparation phase was a breeze and did the job. I am getting only rave reviews. The team is fired up!
Bill McNiece, GM, Entex Information Services

Your address was exactly what we wanted to set the tone for our meeting . . . nothing but wonderful comments.
Larry Compton, EVP-Sales, US LIFE Credit Life Insurance

Your presentation was one of the real highlights of the Conference. A real homerun! The audience genuinely appreciated the professionalism you brought to the opening session. Unlike most speakers, you went to great lengths to get acquainted with the industry and the people in the industry. These gestures made a significant impression with the SEMA staff and the members of TCAA. It is highly unusual in this industry to hear people talking about a speaker a week or more after the show, you have broken the silence.
Kendall L. Pyle, Director Educational Services, Specialty Equipment Market Assn.

Thank you for doing such a terrific job for us.... You were incredible! Your dynamic style and depth of knowledge in delivering your customized presentation had the audience spellbound.
Georgia Tyler, Director of Member Services, New Mexico Bankers Assn.

Outstanding. You gained the total trust of a fairly cynical group and made believers of them. People are still commenting on the impact, months afterwards.
Kip Smith, President, Blair Communications

Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation at our general meeting. I continue to receive positive comments about your speech from many of our members and guests who attended the luncheon. In fact, I think everyone would be extremely pleased to hear you again at this month’s meeting – a real compliment to you.
Carol C. Fox, President Town and Gown of University of CA, Oakland, CA

These are the comments from our critique sheets: 'Fun and entertaining.... Very motivating.... Great content... Very inspiring. I had goose bumps the entire time .... I could listen to (Tunney) all day.... Great way to blend sports and business .... Best speaker of the meeting.' Thank you!
Patricia D. Rollins, Corporate Communications, Pacific Union Co., San Francisco, CA

Your preliminary preparation for the opening session was evident! All your efforts and hard work directly contributed to the success of this annual event. We enjoyed having you as a speaker. Please feel free to use us as a reference.
Lisa L. Dyson, Director, Convention & Conferences AWCI, Falls Church, VA

Your presentation was right-on (subject wise), interesting, motivational and fun-to-boot. Your counsel to us fit like a glove to the subject matter of our meeting. The hour seemed like five minutes.
Gary Osborne, DSD Coordinator, Winn-Dixie Stores

Everyone's attention was on Jim Tunney" ... "It would be to our advantage to get him again" ... "Tunney is excellent." ... "Incisive." ... "It meant a lot to us that he has a sports background as well as being an educator." ... I wanted more; it ended too soon." ... "Just great.
Comments from Evaluations Special Olympics Int'l - "Training for Life" Conference

We wanted a ‘non-Rotary’" speaker, since we desired that these incoming leaders sense that this job as a Rotary Club President is big, important, not just for Rotary. Your reputation, your background assured us of that. But we got a bonus: You integrated your remarks with such knowledge of Rotary that these Presidents-elect know they are part of a grand movement. Finally, we wanted a speaker who would entertainingly cap a busy day of classroom work. Wow. The 45 minutes seemed like ten. All of us in the room enjoyed the entire presentation and were sorry it ever had to end!
John T. Blount, PDG, District 5130 General Chair, Far West P.E.T.S. Training Seminar, Rotary International

You were dynamite. I'm not over-exaggerating. Your talk was the talk of the market all the way through the week.
Mike McClelland, President and CEO, Hardware Wholesalers, Inc.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire membership of the U.S. Tennis Court & Track Builders Association, I am writing to thank you for the terrific keynote speech you presented in December at our Technical Meeting in La Jolla, California. I came away from that talk feeling that it was the finest I have heard in 20 years of attending meetings, and my thoughts were reinforced many times over the ensuing days by others members who felt the same. It combined entertainment, inspiration and motivation in an engaging manner, truly the elements of a good keynote speech. The nugget I came away with was when you were talking about customer expectations and how so many people can meet those expectations. You said it can indeed be a crowded road. But the highway of the ‘extra mile’ is surprisingly uncrowded and that is where the best are separated from the rest. It is quite apparent that you are familiar with the landscape of that highway.
David Marsden, Chairman, U.S. Tennis Court & Track Builders Association, U.S. Tennis Court & Track Builders Association, Inc. Annual Meeting

I fully enjoyed your presentation at our recent convention and appreciate the extra preparation it takes to relate to the audience. Calling my room to let me know that you arrived and leaving your room number was a consideration not practiced by many speakers. Since I was not one of the coordinators to bring you to our group, you obviously took the time to find out my name and make the contact.
Steven A. Etkin, Executive Vice President AWCI, Falls Church, VA

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